CRA Audit

CRA audit and Tax disputes are time-consuming and, as a result, disruptive to businesses. In many cases, swift resolution depends largely on extensive knowledge of best practices and deep experience as well as how best to deal with tax authorities.

Taraz CPA assist you in tax disagreements to get matters resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide guidance and support in CRA tax audits, including negotiations with tax authorities, and the preparation of notices of objections. We also can provide expert testimony when the situation calls for it.

We know that some situations take months to resolve, while others last years. Our partner-led practice works closely with clients to gain a thorough understanding of issues requiring special attention, and the current business environment overall. And we are involved throughout the entire process, until matters are fully settled.

Specialized knowledge to support our clients’ positions

Preparing a technical interpretation or ruling request is a significant undertaking, requiring time, resources, and substantial paperwork. As a result, the right knowledge and experience is essential to getting matters resolved both quickly and favourably.

We are deeply involved in the work we do, and bring deep industry experience to solve our clients’ biggest issues. Our CRA audit services include:

Tax Appeal

If you have received a Notice of Assessment from CRA, and if you think CRA has not interpreted the facts correctly, then you have the right to object to the assessment from the CRA. If you do decide to file tax appeal, then you need to file it within the timelines dictated by tax law.

Tax Representation

We can represent you in the Tax Court of Canada. Once the CRA has issued a Notice of Confirmation or a Notice of Decision, which you are dissatisfied with, we can bring the matter before a judge of the Tax Court of Canada for adjudication.

Voluntary Disclosures Programs (VDP)

if you have any information that is not accurate or not complete on previous tax returns we can use Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) without having to pay a penalty or face prosecution. VDP is often called Tax Amnesty.

Tax Payment/Relief Plan

You might owe large tax debts that are beyond your means and you are under stressful collection pursuing by CRA. We can negotiate with the CRA collection agents before any legal actions are initiated against you. CRA also sometimes grants tax payer relief from penalties and interest in different and extraordinary circumstances.

Addressing the full range of tax compliance issues

The CRA has shifted from a generalized to a specialized GST/HST compliance approach.

This approach will allow CRA’s auditors to further enhance their technical expertise and be more equipped to apply the law on a timely basis. The enhancements will also provide the CRA with the information it needs to identify and effectively address instances of non-compliance.

In the past, most audits of smaller businesses (generally businesses with annual sales less than $4 million) have been done as combined audits – one audit covering both income tax and GST/HST. Combined audits have now been discontinued. Therefore, businesses will either be subject to an income tax or GST/HST audit.

Indirect tax compliance is a significant challenge for Canadian companies and a potential source of significant risk. Legislation is constantly changing, and rules and sales tax rates can differ vastly, depending on the province where one does business.

Taraz’ Tax Practice is led by partners who take a hands-on, proactive approach to meeting clients’ needs. We advise on unique regulatory requirements by identifying indirect tax exposure and requirements to register, while also managing cash flow and optimizing rebates and input tax credits.

We also advise non-residents that are starting businesses in Canada, guiding them through registration and Canadian sales tax returns. In all cases, we aim to minimize liabilities and take advantage of opportunities to reduce tax, and review tax returns to help identify and resolve errors. We tailor our services as needed, especially in circumstances where special compliance is required.

What tax issues are you facing now? If you are a Canadian taxpayer who is confronted by the government’s tax collector, the Canada Revenue Agency, you require immediate help. We deal with tax problems in Canada and can help stressed out taxpayers who deal with those aggressive CRA agents.

Tax problems may include:

  • Demand letters
  • Requests for personal financial disclosure
  • Frozen bank accounts
  • CRA garnishment to wages
  • Property liens
  • Garnishment notices sent to your customers
  • Overdue Personal & Business Tax Filings
  • Worrisome Under-Reported Income
  • Alarming Tax Audit Notice
  • Unfair Tax Assessment

If you are ignoring Canada Revenue Agency collection communications, it’s likely because you are afraid of the consequences that may be associated with the type of tax problem that you have or because you need more time to come up with the money to pay them.

Whatever the reason is, ignoring a Canada Revenue Agency collection problem will result in collection action whether they know what you owe them or not. Canada Revenue Agency collection action is not only used as a method to collect debt  – it is also used as a method to make you comply with CRA requests.

If you think that you have a tax problem you should seek representation immediately.