What tax issues are you facing now? If you are a Canadian taxpayer who is confronted by the government’s tax collector, the Canada Revenue Agency, you require immediate help. We deal with tax problems in Canada and can help stressed out taxpayers who deal with those aggressive CRA agents.

Tax problems may include:

  • Demand letters
  • Requests for personal financial disclosure
  • Frozen bank accounts
  • CRA garnishment to wages
  • Property liens
  • Garnishment notices sent to your customers
  • Overdue Personal & Business Tax Filings
  • Worrisome Under-Reported Income 
  • Alarming Tax Audit Notice
  • Unfair Tax Assessment

If you are ignoring Canada Revenue Agency collection communications, it’s likely because you are afraid of the consequences that may be associated with the type of tax problem that you have or because you need more time to come up with the money to pay them.

Whatever the reason is, ignoring a Canada Revenue Agency collection problem will result in collection action whether they know what you owe them or not. Canada Revenue Agency collection action is not only used as a method to collect debt  – it is also used as a method to make you comply with CRA requests.

If you think that you have a tax problem you should seek representation immediately. 

Shahnaz Balazadeh, CPA, CGA

Shahnaz is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant of Ontario.

Hossein Taraz, CPA, CGA

Hossein has over 20 years experience in assurance, tax and financial reporting.