CRA audit and Tax disputes are time-consuming and, as a result, disruptive to businesses. In many cases, swift resolution depends largely on extensive knowledge of best practices and deep experience as well as how best to deal with tax authorities. 

H&S Taraz assist you in tax disagreements to get matters resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide guidance and support in CRA tax audits, including negotiations with tax authorities, and the preparation of notices of objections. We also can provide expert testimony when the situation calls for it.

We know that some situations take months to resolve, while others last years. Our partner-led practice works closely with clients to gain a thorough understanding of issues requiring special attention, and the current business environment overall. And we are involved throughout the entire process, until matters are fully settled.


Shahnaz Balazadeh, CPA, CGA

Shahnaz is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant of Ontario.

Hossein Taraz, CPA, CGA

Hossein has over 20 years experience in assurance, tax and financial reporting.