Specialized knowledge to support our clients' positions

Preparing a technical interpretation or ruling request is a significant undertaking, requiring time, resources, and substantial paperwork. As a result, the right knowledge and experience is essential to getting matters resolved both quickly and favourably. 

We are deeply involved in the work we do, and bring deep industry experience to solve our clients’ biggest issues. Our CRA audit services include:

Tax Appeal

If you have received a Notice of Assessment from CRA, and if you think CRA has not interpreted the facts correctly, then you have the right to object to the assessment from the CRA. If you do decide to file tax appeal, then you need to file it within the timelines dictated by tax law.

Tax Representation

We can represent you in the Tax Court of Canada. Once the CRA has issued a Notice of Confirmation or a Notice of Decision, which you are dissatisfied with, we can bring the matter before a judge of the Tax Court of Canada for adjudication. 

Voluntary Disclosures Programs (VDP)

if you have any information that is not accurate or not complete on previous tax returns we can use Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) without having to pay a penalty or face prosecution. VDP is often called Tax Amnesty.

Tax Payment/Relief Plan

You might owe large tax debts that are beyond your means and you are under stressful collection pursuing by CRA. We can negotiate with the CRA collection agents before any legal actions are initiated against you. CRA also sometimes grants tax payer relief from penalties and interest in different and extraordinary circumstances. 


Shahnaz Balazadeh, CPA, CGA

Shahnaz is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant of Ontario.

Hossein Taraz, CPA, CGA

Hossein has over 20 years experience in assurance, tax and financial reporting.