Whether you are an established firm without the in-house accounting expertise, or a company operating primarily from another location, we can ensure your day-to-day financial reporting tasks are done without staffing a full-time, permanent accounting department. We can either supplement your team or you can outsource the work to us.

Grow your company knowing that all aspects of your accounting are in good hands. We ensure you stay on top of your transactions, payroll, tax payments, etc. to allow you to focus on your core business.

A key benefit to outsourcing your accounting department is H&S Taraz’ extensive tax knowledge combined with our accounting services. This can help you be proactive about future decisions that may have an impact on your corporate taxes.

Shahnaz Balazadeh, CPA, CGA

Shahnaz is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant of Ontario.

Hossein Taraz, CPA, CGA

Hossein has over 20 years experience in assurance, tax and financial reporting.